Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Taylor Dent Exclusive

I just spoke on the phone with Taylor Dent about an article I'm doing for SMASH about an up-and-coming junior named Michael McClune.

I have to say that Taylor couldn't have been nicer when it came to McClune and just in general. Dent has been out since February of last year with back injuries. He was as high as #21 in the rankings in the summer of 2005, and was part of the group that included Robby Ginepri, James Blake and Mardy Fish as Andy Roddick's supporting cast.

I had to ask him about his comeback and this is what he had to say:
"I have a PT scan on my back in a few weeks and hopefully that goes well. I'm looking forward to getting back on the tour."

Not much meat in the statement, but it sounds like Taylor is optimistic that he might be headed toward playing professionally again. My guess: Aussie '08.


oanaxoroxo said...

nice ,,
hope i will see it to

Erwin said...

on the phone with tennis pros. I'm so envious!

curious to see what you come up with re: Michael. I'm having one of those hometown pride moments (he and I grew up in Irvine a little bit). Amanda Beard (also an Irvinian) won a few gold medals and we gave her a nice party when she came back from Atlanta. Next thing you know she showing her hooha to Playboy.

McClune, do us proud!