Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sportingo: Bring on the Critics

A few weeks ago the WTA Tour web site published a press release that was titled "Calling All Budding Tennis Writers". Immediately, it caught my attention. So, I clicked the link and read about a web site called Sportingo. It's a sports news site that compiles articles written by fans, for fans. So I thought, why not?

I've made a pledge to write for the site once a week, and will usually do a dual post here on the blog, and then submit it to the Sportingo editors. It's great to get my writing out there and feel like an audience has the chance to digest it, even if people can be critical at times (or, all the time...). But, for a 'budding' writer, that's just what I need - right?

So, you can find the the Murray/Bartoli and Mirza/Kirilenko posts on Sportingo now. Perhaps this is the start of my online-writing career? Or, the beginning of the end...


M said...

I'm so proud of you for putting your work out there! It's a difficult choice to make to put things out in the public and certainly makes you acquire thick skin quickly. I can't wait to see your name all over the newspapers, but the web is an excellent start! Hooray for the beginning!

Nick McCarvel said...

Thanks for your confidence Matt, we'll see how it goes! SAME.